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About Katie

The event that changed my life happened very early one spring morning back in 2001. I was making my way to bed around 2 or 3am when all of a sudden the dark hallway I was walking through became ablaze with brilliant white light. I was initially startled before a wave of peace washed over me. Stood in the centre of the hallway radiating light was a very tall angel.

The angelic encounter was a rather large wake up call for me to begin to make changes in my life. You see at that stage, I was in a bid of a state. I was living on my own in a fairly new town with a debilitating neurological disorder. I spent most of my days in bed raked with pain, or using every ounce of energy to get up and make it to a local shop and back. Yet after that spring morning meeting a whole new world of possibilities opened up for me again. In the moment the angel showed himself, he activated my forgotten and misunderstood childhood gifts or psychic sensitivities. Over the following days I realised that I could sense, feel and hear angels. It was by following their advice, and discovering just how good I was at messing things up when I didn’t that helped me regain so much of my health today.  There was no magic wand, with their love and support I took one step at a time, yet from then on I knew that I wasn’t alone, and that I was loved no matter what condition I was in.

After a few years I regained enough of my true self by experiencing different healing modalities, including some truly amazing healing experiences to create more changes. I trained as an angel card reader and angelic healer and made some wonderful new friends, before going on to offer these as a part of my service. During my training an angel told me that I would go on to teach these courses. I must admit that I thought that ’maybe in about 10 years!’. Yet the following year I began teaching angelic courses and workshops which was wonderful, until things started to get harder again and my health took another dip. This was when the angels advised me to leave the courses and workshops behind so that I had space for the next stage in my life. I needed a blank sheet for my new chapter. I was very reluctant as the advice included leavening the security of the small organisation I trained with and releasing some of my closest friendship as we had out grown each other.  In the autumn of 2010 I took a deep breath and resigned my position which created plenty space in my life. Then in January 2011 I felt very drawn to attend a training workshop with Lita de Alberdi to become a clear conscious channel. One of my dear friends Lynda also had a vision of my channelling in the style that I had organically began to open up to, and by the end of the month I had booked my place and went to explore the new level of my awakening gifts. During the course met one of the greatest loves of my life, Shimlaya.

Shimlaya tells me that she has always been my over seer, right from the moment I was born. She had helped make sure I was ready before she entered my life in a way that we could be together and help others.