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How They Met

Shimlaya is a beautiful compassionate and wise angel. I love her so much! She’s added so my love and depth to my life. Although I now know that Shimlaya has always been with me, it wasn’t until 2011 that we officially met. It was during a weekend channelling training course. At that stage her energy was too big for me to handle, so on the first day she entered as Himlaya offering depths of love, strength and courage that I had never experienced before. One the second day it was Shena that came to help me, offering so much love, compassion and wisdom. For weeks following the completion of the course, I would be visited by either Himlaya or Shena, depending on what space I was in. At this point I didn’t know that she was coming through a bit at a time, helping me to strengthen my aura so that I could channel her, she’s just so big. When I was strong enough she came as the fuller version of herself – Shimlaya.

For months Shimlaya encouraged me to practise practise practise so that we could grow stronger in our channelling together. I contacted lots of people and we began months of free readings. It was an incredible time, every time my doubts crept in trying to overwhelm me Shimlaya would laugh, reassure me and we would continue. My life shifted and I began making new friends, new connection to match my changing life. It called for me to continually step right out of my comfort zone but it had become too restrictive I was craving new fresh challenges that was in alignment with my soul purpose.

When I channel Shimlaya, I experience how much love she has for the person or group of people she’s speaking with. As she speaks she wraps whoever’s present in love and begins healing on an energetic level. That’s how she love to help, as well as sharing her wisdom she fills people with love and gently lifts away and blocks in auras, it’s wonderful to see and feel.

The first time we met, I was presented with a rather wonderful gift. As she came towards me, she held me in a transference showing me how she sees me, and by extension us, you and me. We’re seen as pure and innocence and wow are we loved! I don’t know about you, but I had never thought of myself as innocent before, but in the eyes of angels every aspect of us is laid bare and we’re loved so much, no matter how we judge ourselves. The love that Shimlaya is still moves me, and I feel that it’s a part of my soul purpose to share Shimlaya with as many people as she can reach. So glad you found us!

Much Love
Katie xxx