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Connecting with your Guides Course

Connecting With Your Guides has been created to help you to develop your ability to connect with the high level loving guides that have chosen to work with you. They love you unconditionally and you may be surprised as to how natural and easy it is to develop your relationship with them and the value of their advice.

Making the decision to work with your guides adds new depth and insight to life as you’ll discover how easily you can receive their wisdom and ways in which to implement it into your life. Living a conscious guided life is very freeing and naturally instils greater levels of self trust. It opens your awareness to the many levels of the love and support that is ready to help you and assist you to discover which directions to more forward in.

If you would like to learn how to open to a two way communication with your guides and develop new skills I’d be honoured to work with you as you discover just how wonderful it is.

The course will be held once a month for three months enabling you to develop your relationship with your guides and your channelling skills together. It also includes teachings from Katie and her guide Shimlaya. With each meeting there will also be a question and answers session, giving you the opportunity to ask Katie’s guide Shimlaya any questions you may have. The course also includes a private intuitive coaching session via Skype or phone.

Three month course – £150 a month – Includes guided intuitive coaching