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Soul Awakening Course

Your soul is magnificent, it is the vaster part of you and encompasses an unlimited amount of wisdom, gifts and resources. It loves you unconditionally and continues to grow and expand as you do. It is bondless and patiently awaits your call to work with it on a conscious level so that you can infuse your life with soul love. When you feel ready and chose to and open to your soul’s guidance, you open to deeper unlimited levels of yourself, awakening deeper levels of soul love.

Soul Awakening course has been created to help you to strengthen your relationship with your soul so that you can shine greater levels of your soul light into your life, receive its messages in the form of higher wisdom. Learning to work with your soul takes your life to a whole new level, expanding your sense of who you are, helping you to shape your life in ways that reflects your souls intentions.

Opening to and accessing greater levels of your souls light can be richly rewarding, strengthening your sense of connection and purpose, yet it then needs grounding and its wisdom implementing into your life, allowing you to reach your potential. Imagine the positive effects it will have on your life to work in harmony with your soul, shifting your life’s view and adding clarity in the choices you make. Your soul’s purpose can become clear enlightening your life and contribution to humanity.

If this sounds like this will have a positive impact on your life and you’d like to go deeper, I invite you to contact me, I’d be honoured to work with your on your journey of Soul Awakening.

The course is held once a month for a days teaching, enhancing your awareness and skills to understand the ways in which your soul shows you what you need to know. This takes your experience of soul love to a whole new level. The course also includes guided meditations and a monthly private intuitive coaching session via skype or phone.

During the course there will also be a question and answers session, where you’ll have the opportunity to ask Katie’s guide Shimlaya any personal questions that you feel you’d like some help with.

Three month course – £150 a month – Includes monthly private intuitive coaching